I have just finished reviewing all of the written documentation on my DUI arrest. James listened very carefully about my physical issues and details of how the police handled the case and my arrest. Like many of you, I’ve never been in “trouble” with the law and being identified and treated, as a criminal was a very unsettling. The first lawyer I hired discouraged my desire to appeal at the RMV. He said, “Nobody ever wins there.” That may be true, but I wanted a legal advisor to give me every chance and opportunity to plead my case and obtain a favorable outcome. I fired him. James and I researched the law, discussed strategies and went to court with a well thought out plan. I felt I was treated unfairly on many levels by the state but Mr. Milligan was able to focus on issues that would result in a positive outcome regarding my trial.

The important stuff:

1. He is readily available. He returns calls ASAP.

2. His office staff is caring, competent and understands and knows how to deal with our frustration.

3. He has some serious courtroom credibility. He identifies and amplifies testimony that helps his client.

4. He has a great understanding of the courtroom process. He is well versed in the intricacies of choosing a jury or a judge for your trial. This choice is influenced by factors that occur right up to the last second. 5. He knows and is respected by the court personnel, officers, judges, secretaries and many of those employed in the justice system.

6. He possesses a demeanor, personality and mindset that are aware and respectful of the law and the people involved.

7. He understands truth, compassion, and fairness and will do his best to help you get the best outcome possible.

8. Well after the trial was over, his office responded to my requests for information. My son, who is a reporter, accompanied me to my pre trial and trial. He has had the opportunity to view and hear many court cases. He said, “Dad, you picked a great lawyer. He is smart, asks great questions and seems to be personally invested in providing you with a good outcome.”

As I sat and watched the proceedings while waiting in the courtroom for my trial to begin, I became aware that Jay Milligan possesses a burning desire to do his best for the clients he represents. Jay understands how difficult it is to deal with getting a DUI. Depending on the facts, and your circumstances, I’m sure Jay can offer you the best advice to mitigate possible monetary or freedom penalties. Attorneys with his skills in the Boston area, demand a much higher fee for services.

Mike, a DUI client