Charge: OUI, Operating to Endanger, Marked Lanes Violation
Result: OUI- Not Guilty

Client (College Student) was involved in a one car motor vehicle crash. Officers arrived and noted there were four males in the vehicle which appeared to be alert and conscious. As the officer spoke with the client he detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. Officer began to question the passengers of the vehicle who stated they believed the client had been drinking earlier in the evening. Client admitting to having consumed alcoholic beverages when asked and that he fell asleep while driving. Client was transported to the hospital and was notified that he would be receiving a citation in the mail.

Given the accident, the officer was not able to make a lot of observations about the client. The government tried to get a copy of the client’s medical records but they were unable to make a relevancy showing so the request was denied. This resulted in limited evidence for the government and a Not Guilty. This client was fortunate that no one was seriously injured and learned a valuable lesson even though he was found Not Guilty.