Charge: OUI, Marked Lanes Violation
Result: OUI- Not Guilty

Client’s vehicle was spotted weaving from side to side within the lane and was stopped by police. Officer approached the vehicle and immediately noticed the client’s eyes were bloodshot, glassy, and he had difficulty keeping them open. The officer also detected an overwhelming odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from within the car, and it appeared to get stronger as the client spoke. Client spoke with heavily slurred speech and admitted to having a few beers when asked. Client was asked to exit the vehicle and was unsteady on his feet upon doing so. Officer administered a series of field sobriety tests. Client failed all assessments and was placed under arrest.

This client testified to a variety of things that the trooper denied. Fortunately, there was a passenger in the vehicle as well that was able to corroborate all of the discrepancies. Finally, the client’s father testified that when he left the house approximately 20 minutes before he was stopped he had no concerns about his ability to drive. This case was a Not guilty because of the many discrepancies with the Trooper’s testimony.