Charge(s) – OUI, MArked Lanes Violation, Open Container of Alcohol, Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Result: OUI – Not Guilty

Client was stopped by police after a report of an erratic operator. Client’s vehicle crossed over the double solid yellow line multiple times. Officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the client’s breath and observed his eyes to be glassy and blood shot. Client stated he had not had any alcoholic beverages but the officer noticed his speech to be slurred when responding. Client resisted submitting to a series of field sobriety tests at first. He later consented and was unsteady on his feet when exiting the vehicle. It should be noted that the vehicle started to roll backwards because the client forgot to put the emergency brake on. Officer administered a series of field sobriety tests. Client had difficulty completing all assessments and was placed under arrest. Three bottles of vodka were found during an inventory of the car. Two were empty and one was 1/4 full.