Charge(s) – Drug Possession

Result: Drug Possession- Dismissed

Client was a passenger in a car that was suspected of partaking in a narcotics transaction. A passenger in the client’s vehicle was observed meeting with the operator of a second vehicle. When approached by police, occupants stated they had met up to sell a GPS unit. Upon discovering no narcotics all parties were allowed to leave. Surveillance was maintained on client’s vehicle which was observed to be stopped in a driveway with all three males still inside. Based on observations and the belief that a narcotics transaction had occurred, the officer approached the vehicle. Client was seated on the passenger side and was seen to have tried to conceal an object from the dashboard behind his back while the driver was being patted down. Believing he had concealed something, the client was transported to the police station to conduct a further search. Client admitted to having narcotics on him while en route to the station. The narcotics were located back at the station and the client was placed under arrest.