Charge: OUI- First Offense

Result: Not Guilty

Client stopped for speeding 71 in a 50.  Pulled over with no problems.  Produced his license and registration with no problems.  Client admitted to consuming 8 beers, ut the officer did not ask over what time period he had consumed those beers.  Client asked to step from car and di so without any issues with balance.  Client was administered 4 field sobriety tests, however othe Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test was excluded prior to trial.  Other tests included the One legged Stand, the Finger to Nose Test and a 9 Step Walk and Turn.  Client could not get through One leg stand without putting foot down on 2 occasions, client did ok on Finger to Nose touching his nose with the middle of his finger not the tip of his finger as instructed and on the walk and turn test he completed 17 out of the 18 steps as instructed.

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