Charge(s) – OUI, Lights Violation, Alcohol in MV, License not in Possession

Result: OUI – Not Guilty

Client was stopped by State Police in Medford MA when his vehicle was spotted traveling without headlights illuminated. Client was unable to produce a license and registration when asked. Officer detected an overwhelming odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from the client. Client initially stated he had not been drinking, but later admitted to having consumed three shots. At this point the officer noticed an open container of alcohol behind the drivers seat, and observed the client’s eyes to be glassy and blood shot and he was speaking with slurred speech. The officer administered a series of field sobriety tests including: the horizontal gaze nystagmus, one leg stand exercise, nine step walk and turn, and the alphabet test. Client failed the HGN test but was able to complete all other assessments without difficulty. Based on the failed sobriety test, appearance of the client, unsteadiness on his feet, and admission to alcohol, he was placed under arrest. Client consented to a breath test with readings of 0.08, 0.079, and 0.081.