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Generally, what kind of alcohol does a person need to consume to exceed the legal limit to be considered driving drunk?  I had 3 drinks within 3 hours and was recently arrested by a MA trooper for DUI.   I cooperated and did field sobriety tests and breathalyzer. We have a family with 4 young children who need to be taken to/from school and activities. I don’t know what we’ll do if I lose my license.  What do I do now?


3 drinks in 3 hours is a responsible amount of alcohol to consume. The rule of thumb is that each drink depending on the type of drink, wine or hard alcohol will increase your blood alcohol level by about a .025 per drink.  That being said your body can, depending upon absorption, eliminate .015 roughly per hour at maximum. So it would seem that your blood alcohol level should be around .03-.04, well under the .08 legal threshold. It sounds like you have a good case to defend. I am curious as to the result of the breath test.  You should speak with a drunk driving lawyer who is board certified in drunk driving defense.   Please call me for a free consultation.    Atty. James Milligan

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