“Upon finding myself facing a conviction for a Massachusetts DUI 2nd offense, I needed to find the best DUI defense against these charges. I did extensive research interviewing multiple Massachusetts DUI Attorneys, and determined that Attorney Milligan was without any question, the Attorney I should hire.This was the best decision I ever made, as the Jury found me NOT GUILTY after only 20 minutes. I failed two field sobriety test, was unsteady on my feet, smelled of alcohol, and my eyes were blood shot. The State had a Civilian witness and a State Trooper testifying that I was all over the road.

Attorney Milligan is well respected within the court system having a friendly demeanor with the District Attorneys, Judges and other court officials.

Attorney Milligan would answer all of my questions, sometimes more than once, and often after working hours. He always returned my phone calls quickly, and my conversations were never rushed. He would also offer friendly advice on handling this stressful situation, and made me feel at ease during all my court appearances.”

DUI Client – Plymouth County, MA