Charge:  Operating under the Influence 2nd Offense

Result:  Not Guilty

Client was stopped by a Massachusetts State Trooper for marked lanes violation.  The trooper asked for his license and registration.  The Trooper observed an odor coming from client’s breath, his eyes were bloodshot and glassy and his speech was slurred.  Trooper asked the client to exit his truck and perform field sobriety tests, the one legged stand and the 9 step walk and turn.  The client did not perform well on the one legged stand but performed real well on the 9 step walk and turn.  After cross examination, it was revealed that the client performed many other tasks without any difficulty like producing his license and registration, exiting his motor vehicle fine and balancing and walking fine at all other points during the investigation.  Client was also very cooperative with the police and answered all of their questions at booking with no problems.

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