Additional Information:

I was arrested for DUI last week in Norwood.  It was about 3 PM, I had left work early as I wasn’t feeling well.  After getting out of the car, I vomited on the side of the road and then a few minutes later took a breathalyzer test.  The officer claimed I stuck my fingers down my throat, which I did not and if the stop was videotaped it would disprove that.  What do I do now?


I am not too sure if Norwood videotapes their roadside encounters.  But it would seem to me that you may have some witnesses to prove that you were at work and left sick, not under the influence of alcohol.  I am curious to know about the rest of the encounter, were there field exercises on the side of the road?   I would like to speak to you further about this arrest and would be happy to provide a free consultation.   Thank you.   

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