Additional Information:

A few days ago, I was arrested for DWI. I was at a party in Duxbury where my friend, the home owner, served me a few drinks. He himself was very intoxicated and became angry and assaulted me as well as my car.  He started choking me and kicking my car.  Someone in the house called the police and told them that I was the person causing the trouble (which I was not). The police arrived withing minutes of me leaving the driveway, pulled me over and arrested ME! I told them I had just been assaulted, and they told me they would “get to that”, but they never did. I am a 42 year old woman (no prior arrests of any kind) and my attacker is a man who was out of control. I don’t want to plead guilty.


It seems as though they are trying to railroad you.  Everything that occurred at this party should be recorded by the police department by way of the call.  I am interested to know more about the case.  You do not have to plead Guilty and by the sounds of what occurred it sounds like something you could defend successfully.  Please call me at 617-851-7155 at your convenience. 

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