As a leading OUI defense attorney in Massachusetts, Attorney James Milligan is one of a few lawyers driving the state wide breath test litigation case questioning the validity and accuracy of breathalyzer machines across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Attorney James Milligan cross examined the Technical Director of the Massachusetts Office of Alcohol Testing (OAT), the organization that maintains all the breath test instruments in Massachusetts. What attorney Milligan learned during this four hour examination was not only shocking but it could have tremendous implications to those charged and convicted of OUI in Massachusetts over the past several years. It was revealed that prior to 2014 there were no written “protocols” relative to the annual certifications of the breathalyser machines to ensure they were always operating properly and producing accurate results. There was even testimony that breathalyzer machines throughout Massachusetts may still not be working pursuant to the parameters set by the manufacturer Draeger.

Attorney James Milligan stated, “These findings could affect the results of those charged and convicted of OUI over the past several years involving thousands of OUI cases across the Commonwealth”. If you have questions about your OUI case and are seeking an attorney please call Attorney Milligan for a consultation.