Contact us as soon as possible and prior to your Drunk Driving (OUI, DUI, DWI) arraignment, if possible.

If you are not represented at the arraignment, the court will enter a plea of not guilty on your behalf or you should indicate to the Court if asked that you want to enter a plea of not guilty. The Court will then give you a date to return to court for a pre-trial conference. You should request a date in approximately two weeks..

There are no temporary licenses issued anymore. If you refused the breath test, you have 15 days to appeal the suspension of your license, No matter what anyone tells you, it is possible to get your license back!

Do not do anything until you speak to an experienced Drunk Driving Lawyer. There are a lot of collateral consequences to admitting to a drunk driving and you need to know about them to make an informed decision.

WARNING: Massachusetts Drunk Driving Defense is a specialized area of the law. You need to speak to a lawyer who concentrates in fighting this type of case. Massachusetts law now considers drunk driving cases over your lifetime, this will affect you.


Massachusetts board certified drunk driving defense lawyer, Attorney James Milligan represents clients charged with DUI DWI OUI throughout Massachusetts including Barnstable County, Bristol County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Suffolk County, and Worcester County. If you have been charged with drunk driving DUI DWI OUI in Massachusetts, contact Attorney Milligan for a Free Case Evaluation.